Fluorite Skull ~ For Healing The Healer

Fluorite Skull ~ For Healing The Healer

Fluorite is the stone of the path, the stone of discernment. It comes from the Latin word fluo, which means flow. It helps reveal the soul path and offers guidance about where you should go, what you should do, whom you should become.  Fluorite is a stone that helps the healer, heal. Great for people who are empathic and tend to absorb the feelings of people around them. It is said when you carry a piece of fluorite with you, it can help shield you from absorbing too much from others. A stone of mystics and psychics.  Aura cleansing, used for protection. 

Crystal skulls represent humanity, ourselves, our ancestors and all those who came before us. Skulls remind us of our mortality and to live life to the fullest. Skulls are a beautiful symbol of the cycle of life and what we all have in common as human beings.

These skulls are each unique. Our inventory changes frequently. If there's a particular skull you're wanting, please send us a pic of the one you have your eye on. We'll do our best to select that skull or one that is very similar.

These skulls each measure approximately 40 mm. Sold in singles.

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