Iron Pyrite Pyramid

Iron Pyrite Pyramid

Iron Pyrite is a multi-purpose stone.  It is known for bringing good luck, abundance and prosperity to the user.  This stone is useful for manifestation of all kinds.  If you are feeling stuck and need a creative or energetic boost, carry iron Pyrite.  It can balance intuition with mental mindfulness.

Iron Pyrite has unique protective qualities.  Not only can it repel negative or unwanted energies from the aura, it can also help to release those same emotional frequencies from the body and mind, instilling feelings of self-worth and confidence.  The calming sense of safety one feels when carrying Iron Pyrite allows centered thought and focus without the constant inner mental chatter that often accompanies fear.

Pyrite has the ability to lift depression, increase physical energy and enhance the surrounding environment with cheer and good will. It is also known as Healer's Gold or Fool's Gold.

Size: 1.77" x 1.77" x 1.35". Size is approximate.
We will ship you a pyramid of the same basic size and quality as the ones shown in the photos. Please note that due to the nature of Pyrite, there are rough inclusions and rough edges on this pyramid.

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