Crystal Grid Mat: Dodeca Fractal

Crystal Grid Mat: Dodeca Fractal

Grids are intentional arrangements of stones or crystals designed to raise energy for specific purposes. Choose your favourite stones to enhance the effect of this beautiful Dodeca Fractal pattern grid.

Made of black coloured cotton with gold colored screen print. 12" x 12" 


A dodecahedron is a fractal, as it would appear in three dimensions.  A fractal’s structure draws charge to its center. Attracting charge is what gives living things life; therefore anything that is alive is constructed from fractals.

The universe is a fractal made of fractals. Any kind of pattern can be a fractal, including intervals of time, the positions of things within an area, behavior, the evolution of something, and physical objects. In other words, any kind of system can be a fractal.

Nature is made up of fractals. Earthquakes, lighting, pinecones, trees, ferns, the positions of trees in a forest, the distribution of acid in a rainfall, and coastlines are all examples of fractals (as is everything) in nature.

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