VibesUp - Earth Ion Pyramid

VibesUp - Earth Ion Pyramid

Earth Ion Pyramid Whole Room Purifier 

The mystery of a Pyramid's beneficial energy is in its funnel like shape which literally helps to funnel healthy grounding earth energy up into its environment. This shape combined with VibesUP formula that has been tested and shown to take a room with low draining energy which measured a -1 up to a very healthy energy of 12+ which is wonderful considering a healthy energy for a room is a 10. 12+ is even better! This shape combined with VibesUP formula literally breathes the non-beneficial energy in (magnetic), reharmonizes it and breathes it back out again (electro). This breathing the energy in and out, helps to gently clear the non beneficial energy of a room on a continual basis without having to plug it in, monitor it, or even change filters. It requires no maintenance, and never stops working. To be the most effective make sure it always points up.

A small Earth Ion Pyramid can compare to the size of a lemon, a medium Earth Ion Pyramid can compare to the size of an Orange and the large Earth Ion Pyramid can compare to the size of a grape fruit :)
* EXCITING UPDATE:  3 sources have tested these pyramids and have come back with the same information. They create energy that measures at 12,000. This is the same frequency as a few rare places on the planet that the energy is so good the sacred sites were built upon them.
All three sizes produce this 12,000 energy. The radius it covers differs by size:

Small- 3.30 feet (1 meter)
Medium- 6.60 feet (2 meters)
Large-10 feet (3 meters)

Tip: It is highly recommend this be placed on your nightstand - NOT your cell phone - as when you sleep your energy field blends with what is within 2 arms length distance.

The physical size of the Pyramids are as follows:

Small: Base is 5.5x5.5cm and approx 4cm tall

Medium: Base is 8x8cm and approx 7cm tall

Large: Base is 11.5x11.5cm and approx 9cm tall

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