Crystal Clearance

Crystal Clearance

These lovelies need a new home.  Some have "flaws", which we've listed.  Some are older stock, but still beautiful.  And sometimes we receive an overstock on some types of crystals and stones.  This is a great page to bookmark and visit often, as we will be updating the selection weekly.

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Sodalite Comfort Stone ~ Inspiration, Creativity, Expression

Sodalite is believed to be effective in blocking negative energies. The negative vibrations caused b..


Sodalite Gem Slice

These gem slices are useful for so many purposes.  We personally use them as base plates to dis..


Totem Animal Palm Stone

Animal totem stones (or spirit stones) can be chosen based on a favorite animal or attraction to a..


Totem: Dragon

Beautiful dolomite stone dragons, 1.25".  Each dragon is unique.  The dragon: is a powerfu..


Totem: Horse

A beautiful horse carved of dolomite stone.  Each horse is slightly unique in pattern and color..


Totem: Ladybug

When the ladybug spirit guide appears in your life, it is acting as an omen of good luck. Your wishe..


Totem: Toucan

The toucan is a tribal symbol that is carved on totem poles by native tribes. The toucan represents ..


Trilobite Specimen ~ For Connection To Ancient Earth Energies

Ancient Trilobite Fossils - don't miss out!  Trilobites are a fossil group of extinct marine ar..


Unakite Jasper Comfort Stone ~ Self-Love & Kindness, Heart Healing

Unakite Jasper is the stone of Divine Feminine grace and self-love. It helps you be kind and gentle ..


VibesUp - Earth Nurtured Squishy Lite - New Size!

Earth Energy Squishy - Lite made with our extra flubbery material :)Size: 4.5" Diameter - NEWLY desi..


VibesUp - Vibrational Charging Coaster

Natures good energy treatment for food, beverages and the body.  A fresh apple vibrates high an..


Wooden Celtic Pentacle Crystal Grid

A Celtic pentacle, symbol of the five elements and great symbol of protection is beautifully laser c..


Wooden Seed Of Life Crystal Grid

Take your crystal energy work to a new level with this seed of life laser carved wooden crystal grid..