Crystal Clearance

Crystal Clearance

These lovelies need a new home.  Some have "flaws", which we've listed.  Some are older stock, but still beautiful.  And sometimes we receive an overstock on some types of crystals and stones.  This is a great page to bookmark and visit often, as we will be updating the selection weekly.

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Sodalite Gem Slice

These gem slices are useful for so many purposes.  We personally use them as base plates to dis..

$21.03 US

Totem Animal Palm Stone

Animal totem stones (or spirit stones) can be chosen based on a favorite animal or attraction to a..

$3.86 US

Totem: Dragon

Beautiful dolomite stone dragons, 1.25".  Each dragon is unique.  The dragon: is a powerfu..

$3.00 US

Totem: Horse

A beautiful horse carved of dolomite stone.  Each horse is slightly unique in pattern and color..

$3.00 US

Trilobite Specimen ~ For Connection To Ancient Earth Energies

Ancient Trilobite Fossils - don't miss out!  Trilobites are a fossil group of extinct marine ar..

$14.79 US

VibesUp - Earth Nurtured Squishy Lite - New Size!

Earth Energy Squishy - Lite made with our extra flubbery material :)Size: 4.5" Diameter - NEWLY desi..

$12.45 US

VibesUp - Vibrational Charging Coaster

Natures good energy treatment for food, beverages and the body.  A fresh apple vibrates high an..

$31.18 US

Wooden Seed Of Life Crystal Grid

Take your crystal energy work to a new level with this seed of life laser carved wooden crystal grid..

$18.69 US

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