Crystal Clearance

Crystal Clearance

These lovelies need a new home.  Some have "flaws", which we've listed.  Some are older stock, but still beautiful.  And sometimes we receive an overstock on some types of crystals and stones.  This is a great page to bookmark and visit often, as we will be updating the selection weekly.

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Goldstone Dragon Figurine

A Dragon totem is one of the most powerful totems, representing a huge range of qualities, emotions..

$7.06 US

Totem Keychain: Eagle -20%

Totem Keychain: Eagle

Great power and balance, dignity with grace, a connection with higher truths, intuition and a creat..

$5.92 US $4.73 US

Totem: Dolphin

This adorable little Dolphin carved of soapstone will look lovely on your altar.  Representing..

$3.04 US

Totem: Fish

This adorable little fish carved of dolomite will look lovely on your altar.  Representing your..

$3.04 US

Totem: Frog

This adorable little frog carved of soapstone will look lovely on your altar.  Representing yo..

$2.56 US

Totem: Parrot

Some people feel a connection to birds of all types, and they resonate with the Parrot as their tote..

$3.04 US

Ammonite Fossil, Mini

These ammonites are sliced in half to show each individual chamber. Ammonite, which means coiled hor..

$2.17 US

Ammonite Fossils

You're looking at the shell fossils of ancient creatures that existed during the time of the dinosau..

$9.43 US

Authentic Fossil Specimen, Assorted

Fascinating ancient marine fossils in their own magnified specimen boxes for easy viewing of the t..

$3.12 US

Blue Kyanite Cluster ~ Truth, Higher-Self, Sacred Center, Extra Large

Blue Kyanite brings overall cellular alignment and balance, and draws you inward toward your core. I..

$93.86 US

Flint Arrowhead

Flints are composed of a mixture of quartz, agate, shell and diatom fragments, traces of hematite, i..

$0.79 US

Marine Fossil Dish

Fossil dishes are composed of a black matrix shaped into a heart dish into which ammonites and other..

$21.26 US

Mica Specimen C42

The photos do not do this piece justice!  This specimen is a genuine piece of multi-layered mic..

$33.13 US

Quartz Specimen Crystal Cluster A46

This gorgeous Quartz cluster specimen has many crystal points and a very unique shape.  The gre..

$36.28 US

Rainbow & Angel Geodes

No photo could ever truly do justice for these geodes justice, they are so much more beautiful in pe..

$8.64 US

Red Amethyst Cluster Specimens, Small

Red Amethyst is a naturally occurring form of Amethyst which is also found in Brazil.  This spe..

$11.79 US

Red Amethyst Specimen Pieces

Red Amethyst is a naturally occurring form of Amethyst which is also found in Brazil.  This spe..

$18.10 US

Septarian Sphere "Dragon Egg" Stone

Septarian (also known as Dragon Egg) gets its name from the Latin word "saeptum", which means a s..

$47.28 US

Totem Animal Palm Stone -20%

Totem Animal Palm Stone

Animal totem stones (or spirit stones) can be chosen based on a favorite animal or attraction to a..

$3.90 US $3.12 US

Totem: Dragon

Beautiful dolomite stone dragons, 1.25".  Each dragon is unique.  The dragon: is a powerfu..

$3.04 US