Peridot Chip Stones, 1 oz

Peridot Chip Stones, 2oz

Peridot is a semi-precious gemstone.  It's a higher priced chip stone type compared to our other varieties because they are gem-grade.  

Each little gem measures approximately 2mm - 4mm.  They are tiny, but very powerful for healing!

Peridot: Softens tensions bringing forth beauty and happiness.  It's a gem of prosperity and abundance, luck and good-fortune. 

These sweet little chip stones are versatile in your crafts, healing grids and other instances where you may need smaller sized gems.  Some people use these chips to embellish scrapbooks, artwork, they create gemstone trees and other amazing things.  If you do purchase these chips and create something magickal with them, we'd love if you could share your creations in our Dragon Moon Crystal Collectors group on facebook.  

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