Quartz Crystal Chakra Shiva Lingham Set

Quartz Crystal Chakra Shiva Lingham Set

These beautiful crystal clear Quartz pieces are polished and shaped into the sacred Shiva Lingham shape. They each feature a symbol that represents each of the 7 Chakras.  Each symbol has been etched into the Quartz and highlighted very carefully with the color of each corresponding Chakra.  They come as a set of 7 in a black velvet pouch that reads "Chakra Quartz Shiva Linghams". 

This is a lovely meditation set for yourself or a gift for others.  The energy from these sets is truly remarkable.  We could tell when we opened them in the stock room that the people who handcrafted these sets truly cared about their work and put a lot of love into it. 

Each crystal measures approximately 1".  Sold as a set of 7 with black storage pouch. 

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