Chakra Gemstone Healing Set

Chakra Gemstone Healing Set

The Nine-Pyramid necklace measures approximately 18" long and comes with 1-inch extension chain. The necklace contains rudraksha seeds, black tourmaline and chakra chips: amethyst, iolite, aquamarine, peridot, citrine, carnelian and garnet. The nine-pyramid clear quartz pendant measures approximately 1.25". There are two necklaces in each set.

Complete your healing crystal collection with this great chakra stone set. The beautiful crystals come in a wrap style pouch perfectly designed to keep your stones safe and organized.

The crystals included in this set are each aligned with one of the seven chakras. You will receive ten polished crystal discs, perfect for holding during meditation or placing on the body.

The gemstones include clear and rose quartz, fluorite, lapis, sodalite, hematite, tiger eye, red jasper, green and red aventurine. *stones may vary slightly.

Chakra healing is an all-inclusive system, with methods for treating illness, trauma or simply balancing the chakras, body and spirit on a daily basis. Discover the power of the chakras with this wonderful crystal set.

Flat Chakra Disks in case
10 flat stones; stone size is 1 1/4" diameter; folds up to 4" x 4 1/4" wallet

NOTE: There will be empty spaces in the wallet.  There are no missing stones.  You can store other stones in the wallet along with the set.

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