Crystal Earth

Crystal Earth

Crystal Earth jewellery is crafted by skilled artisans in the USA.  They use only the best gemstones and highest quality sterling silver in all of their pieces.  

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Amethyst Healer Pendant

Amethyst: Meditation, dream recall, dispels nightmares and helps with insomnia, aides in magick ..

$29.60 US

Angel Wing Amethyst Heart Pendant

Sterling silver angel wings with an Amethyst heart center create a magical and meaningful piece.&nbs..

$34.28 US

Fairy Crystal Pendant

A gorgeous oval shaped Quartz Crystal set in sterling silver.  The design features a fairy, Gar..

$58.46 US

Four Directions Dream Catcher Earrings

These very unique sterling silver earrings features 4 gems to represent Earth, Air, Fire & Water..

$56.90 US

Goddess Moonstone Earrings, Sterling

These earrings are stunning.  They are a very subtle form of The Goddess with tear drop shaped ..

$59.24 US

Healing Gemstone Pendant: Carnelian Point

High quality sterling silver with top of the line Carnelian crystal.  Approximate size: 1 3/4" A go..

$27.26 US

Healing Gemstone Pendant: Tiger Eye

A very high quality Tiger Eye with polished sides set in sterling silver.  Approx. 1 1/2" long.  ..

$28.82 US

Herkimer Quartz & Garnet Pendant, Sterling

This double terminated Crystal is a very powerful piece to wear and a real eye catcher.  High qu..

$35.06 US

Labradorite Link Bracelet, Sterling

Wowza! This is truly a gorgeous link bracelet of sterling silver and Labradorite stone.  E..

$112.28 US

Master Pendulum: Rose Quartz & Garnet

A stunning pendulum set in sterling.  Grade A quality Rose Quartz & Garnet.  Sterling silver chain..

$38.96 US

Moonstone Ring, Sterling

This new Rainbow Moonstone design is classic with a simple band and oval Rainbow Moonstone that shim..

$77.96 US

Om Ring, Amethyst

A gorgeous sterling silver OM symbol ring with genuine Amethyst.  Size 7. ..

$42.86 US

Quartz Crystal Point Pendant, Sterling

A simple and classic Quartz Crystal pendant set in sterling silver.  The crystal has a flat top..

$26.48 US

Triple Goddess Moonstone Ring

A beautiful sterling silver ring with a Triple Goddess design and Rainbow Moonstone center.  Ve..

$49.88 US

2 Gem Ring - Citrine, Rose Quartz

A beautiful combination.  Sterling silver, faceted Citrine and Rose Quartz. Note: This is ..

$53.78 US

2 Gem Ring - Green & Purple Amethyst

A beautiful combination.  Sterling silver, faceted green Amethyst (Prasiolite) and purple Ameth..

$53.78 US

3 Tier Rainbow Moonstone Pendant

This us truly a unique piece, unlike anything we've stocked in our jewellery line before.  Ever..

$88.88 US

4 Directions Gem Earrings

Sterling silver earrings. Each gem represents one of the 4 cardinal points, and the center feat..

$53.78 US

4 Directions Gem Pendant

Each gem that surrounds the Rainbow Moonstone center, represents one of the 4 cardinal points.Earth,..

$42.86 US

4 Directions Gem Ring

Sterling silver, size 9 (can be sized as it's pure .925 sterling).Each gem represents one of the 4 c..

$63.92 US

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