Red Amethyst Cluster Specimens, Small

Red Amethyst Cluster Specimens, Small

Red Amethyst is a naturally occurring form of Amethyst which is also found in Brazil.  This specimen piece is lovely, with many small shimmering points.  

Red Amethyst is said to help us reflect on the events that effect our lives. It balances the Root and Sacral Chakras and allows us to leave the past behind. Red Amethyst is a calming crystal and is helpful when surrounded by negative influences. Carrying a Red Amethyst with you, or keeping it in a high traffic area of the home, can help you sort through the chaos of the world and understand the underlying meaning of life's messages.

Each of these beautiful Red Amethyst specimen pieces measure slightly difference in size as they are all different formations and shapes. Most measure between 3" -  4" long.  

All pieces are totally unique. Please allow for natural "flaws".  NOTE: We will select one of these clusters just for you.  All are beautiful.

These photos do not do these pieces justice - our camera is on the fritz, and isn't taking the clearest photos.  But trust us when we say that these pieces are beautiful!

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