Rainbow & Angel Geodes

Rainbow & Angel Geodes

No photo could ever truly do justice for these geodes justice, they are so much more beautiful in person.  They are enhanced crystal geodes with great sparkle.

The rainbow colored geodes have the look of peacock ore, with a more metallic finish.  The angel white is a cream color with metallic hues of pink and lavender throughout.  Each piece is totally unique, and a work of art.  The geodes are totally natural when they are mined, and enhanced by a heat and dye process to achieve the various colorings in each piece.  No two are the same.  Each measure approximately 2".

It is believed that you can make a wish and the Geode will hold your wish until it comes true.  Geodes are usually full of Quartz crystals, Amethyst, or Calcite.  Sometimes they are electroplated and enhanced to really bring out the shine, which does not take away from their properties.  Geodes have long been used for making wishes, protection, dream recall and good luck.

These fit right in your palm and can be set on their side to adorn your sacred altar space or any space in your home.

Thank you for trusting us to select a beautiful piece just for you. 

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