Crackle Rainbow Quartz Generator B

Crackle Rainbow Quartz Generator B

This beautiful Quartz generator has a crackled pattern inside that creates rainbow patterns within the crystal when held in the light.  These sell out FAST each time we re-stock them, and for good reason.  We have people collecting multiples of these generators because they create a rainbow effect when placed in sunny areas, and the more pieces grouped together, the more sparkle and rainbows! 

Quartz is the mother of all healing crystals.  It is the foundation for most other gemstones and crystals on Earth.  Quartz has scientifically measurable vibrations, which is why it us often used to power clocks and watches.  Quartz raises the positive vibration of anything that's near it!  Place this generator in your home to enhance the positive energy in your life.  

This is the piece you will receive.  

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