Chakra Resin Incense: Ajna - Concentration, Intuition

-20% Chakra Resin Incense:  Ajna - Concentration, Intuition

The Ajna Chakra, the sixth energetic center, is situated in the space between the eyebrows. It is highly regarded as the third eye, or the eye of Lord Shiva. It is the center that connects us to the mind element.  Prabhuji explains that when this chakra functions well, it is expressed in the ability to concentrate, a balance between the poles of the personality, consciousness of the soul, personal knowledge, intuition, spiritual experiences, thinking power, and a markedly strong will power. On the physical level it manifests as balance in the paired organs, such as the ears, eyes, and kidneys.

This lovely resin incense for burning on charcoal is a beautiful blend of herbs and resins that correspond to this energy.  1.2oz package.

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