Celtic Gemstone Pendulum Collection

Celtic Gemstone Pendulum Collection

Each pendulum in this collection is uniquely beautiful and handcrafted in the USA using fine pewter and genuine gemstones.  These pendulums each have their own meanings and gemstone properties.  Sold in singles, please select the pendulum you'd like from the drop down menu.

1. Celtic Triquetra & Amethyst: The Triquetra represents the continuous flow and energy of life.  It also represents the law of three, karma, the cycle of life, and other meanings. Amethyst is wonderful for divination, meditation, and spiritual work. The back reads "Blessed Be"

2. Celtic Spiral & Quartz: The Celtic Spiral represents the continuous flow and energy of life and all living things.  Quartz is an all-purpose healing crystal that can be programed for multiple purposes.

3. Three Moons & Rose Quartz: A unique Triple moon design that represents the three stages of a woman's life: Maiden, Mother, Crone.  Rose Quartz is a crystal of love, self-esteem, friendship, and peace.

4. Celtic Wolf & Smokey Quartz: The Wolf is a totem animal that many people resonate with. Celtic knots represent the continuous flow of life.  Smokey Quartz is believed to help with depression, anxiety, and is a great crystal for divination and meditation.  The back reads "Power within me is greater than any fear before me".

5. Celtic Dragon & Hematite: Dragons are protectors and guardian spirits.  Celtic knots represent never-ending life. Hematite is a grounding and protection stone.

6. Celtic Stag & Green Aventurine: Stags represent strength, the cycles of life, the male aspect of nature.  Celtic knots represent the continuous flow of life.  Green Aventurine is believed to bring prosperity, abundance and better health.

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