Celtic Dragon Knot Jewellery Set - Jade

-30% Celtic Dragon Knot Jewellery Set - Jade

The Dragon here is worked into the traditional "triskele" three-part knot. Shown here in Sterling Silver with 4mm Jade stones set in the earrings and pendant. Each dragon portion measures 7/8".  The set includes earrings and pendant. 

Symbolism and Meaning of the Dragon

Since the dawn of humanity the dragon has appeared in the mythology of many cultures. It represents the darkness, the unknown, the power we hold but cannot yet wield. The dragon represents change, the necessity that we not only adapt to circumstance but that we ourselves become its active agent. It represents the passage from innocence through experience to wisdom and understanding. And ultimately the dragon is the symbol of the process of enlightenment, the channeling of the serpent power towards the great illumination.

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