Imperial Sandalwood Intuitive Candle - Treasure Inside!

Imperial Sandalwood Intuitive Candle - Treasure Inside!

Not only does this candle smell heavenly - it has a hidden treasure inside just waiting for you to reveal!

16 oz 100% Soy Candle

Sandalwood has long been a favorite scent for those who enjoy earthy, woodsy and musk like scents.  Sandalwood is relaxing and inviting, warm and grounding.

Each candle has a HIDDEN TREASURE inside!  As the candle burns, you will see a foil wrapped treasure in the wax.  Using tweezers or small tongs, even a pair of scissors - you can gently reach in and remove the foil wrapped item.  Let it cool, then unwrap to reveal a beautiful talisman or crystal! 

These candles make excellent gifts because they are two gifts in one!  An amazing scented (or unscented) candle and a beautiful treasure inside you can wear!

Crafted in Quispamsis, New Brunswick, Canada - Intuitive Candles are quality hand-poured artisan candles created from 100% soybean wax and carefully chosen botanical oils.  These candles are clean burning, long lasting, contain no GMO's, and are paraben free. 

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