Crystal Soy Candle: Black Tourmaline

Crystal Soy Candle: Black Tourmaline

This handmade Soy jar candle was made with positive intentions and much love. It was hand poured by Harmonia artisans in India. Pure soy wax, cotton wick, and genuine Black Tourmaline gemstones embedded in the wax. Once the wax  burns clean and is gone, you'll have some beautiful small gems to use in your magickal crafts.

Black Tourmaline: Protects from negativity, relieves stress and creates a relaxed attitude.  Grounding during meditation.  Black as night, representing the Crone aspect of the Goddess.  Great when used in divination that involves the use of astrology and other crystals.  Amplifies the energies of other crystals used.  Great when used in a healing/meditation circle.  Tourmaline is sought after as a talisman of protection to deflect and counteract negative energies. It is also used to guard against radiation and environmental pollutants.

Scent: Vetiver - a very fresh and cleansing scent.

Jar candle with a unique cork lid, printed with the word "Harmonia", which is the name of the candle company who've created these beautiful candles.  

Shipping Weight: 1.70 pounds

Height in Inches: 4.5

Diameter in Inches: 3.5

Volume in Ounces: 9 oz

48-50 Hours Burning Time

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