Candle Kits

Candle Kits

These great kits have been put together with various intentions, for healing, prosperity, happiness and more.  All of our votive candles smell amazing, are made with natural ingredients, and burn nicely.

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Candle Kit: Pet Blessing

A beautiful set of three highly fragrant votive candles made with fine wax and fragrance that pertai..


Candle Kit: Truth Spell

A triad of Needed Changes, Problem Solving, and Truth and Justice. Votives burn for 10 hours. Thi..


Yule Chime Candle Holder

A classic Yule and Christmas decor item.  Made of lightweight brass colored metal.  Comes ..


Brass & Wood Candle Snuffer

A candle snuffer is a very useful altar tool.  They put out your candles gently, so you can avo..


Candle Kit: Make Up or Break Up

A triad of Heart, Emotional Balance and Needed Change votives. Votives burn for 10 hours.Do you stay..