Complete Book of Spells - Deborah Lipp

Complete Book of Spells - Deborah Lipp

A comprehensive book of Wiccan spells to enrich your life

Wicca is an ancient practice rooted in multiple magical traditions, from simple, spiritual practices of folk magic to a reverence for the Goddess of Nature and the Old Gods. The Complete Book of Spells helps you unlock your power with spell casting and guidance through a wide range of spells, covering all of life’s important touchstones.

This book of spells explores the wisdom and workings of the craft with an overview of Wiccan history and help on prepping your space and yourself for spell casting. Once you’ve set your intentions, you’ll find powerful, yet easy-to-follow, spells for everyday situations, as well as traditional spells to honor the Wiccan holidays and seasons.

The Complete Book of Spells includes:

  • Well-stocked witch―Discover the essential magical tools and supplies you’ll need, as well as a handy glossary for easy reference.
  • Altar your life―This book of spells helps you master spell casting with guidance on all stages from cleansing and charging the circle to making an offering to the Gods and Goddesses.
  • Rite magic for you―Find healing, empowerment, peace, strength, and beyond with more than 100 contemporary and traditional spells.

Better your every day and bring balance to your life with the magic of The Complete Book of Spells.

Publisher: Callisto Media

ISBN-10: 1646119444
ISBN-13: 9781646119448

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