Celtic Tree Rituals - Hidalgo

Celtic Tree Rituals - Hidalgo
Celebrate Celtic symbolism, mythology, and magic throughout the Wheel of the Year with this powerful book of tree rituals. Author Sharon Hidalgo presents ceremonies for all thirteen moon months (plus bonus days) from a practice she developed using the Celtic tree calendar and the Celtic tree Ogham. Using these ceremonies will help you enhance your life, become a better steward of the planet, and build a deeper connection with nature. Celtic Tree Rituals takes you step by step through each ritual, explaining what to prepare and how to perform it from beginning to end. You'll also discover the ogham, keywords, totems, and deities for each tree month. These rituals are indispensable tools for improving your creativity, community, joy, and much more.

Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide, LTD.

ISBN-10: 9780738760223

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