Pagan & Spiritual Books

Pagan & Spiritual Books

We also offer a selection of books on many other spiritual topics, as we respect ALL faiths.

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Primal Wisdom of the Ancients - Laird Scranton

Examines how the similarities of symbols and wisdom across many cultures point to an ancient civiliz..

$17.07 US

Prosperity Magick: Spells for Wealth - Cassandra Eason

Attract prosperity and wealth into your life, with this guide from world-renowned author Cassandra E..

$18.22 US

Psychic Spellcraft - Shawn Robbins

The authors of the bestselling Wiccapedia and creators of the successful Modern-Day Wit..

$17.86 US

Pure Magic - Mat - Illes Auryn

A friendly and practical guide to spellcasting from one of today's most trusted and beloved teachers..

$21.39 US

Raise Your Vibration (tp) - Kyle Gray

Bring your intuitive skills to the next level with powerful practices from the UK's youngest and mos..

$19.04 US

Real Witches Handbook - West

A complete introduction to Wicca and the art of Witchcraft, including spells, traditions, and how to..

$19.04 US

Rebirth of Witchcraft - D Valiente

One of witchcraft's most widely known figures, Doreen Valiente was a close friend of the late Gerald..

$19.01 US

Rites of Odin - E Fitch -15%

Rites of Odin - E Fitch

Open the door to the ancient Norse world of magic and spirituality with The Rites of Odin by Ed Fitc..

$18.22 US $15.49 US

Ritual Baths - Deborah Hanekamp

In this gorgeous, full-color illustrated guide, “fashion’s favorite healer” (Vogue) teaches you how ..

$29.36 US

Roots, Branches & Spirits - Alex - Ballard Bledsoe

The southern Appalachians are rich in folk magic and witchery. This book explores the region's custo..

$19.04 US

Runic Book of Days - S Kelley Harrell

A step-by-step guide to working with the runes throughout the year - Explains how the 24 runes of th..

$15.07 US

Rupert's Tales: The Wheel of the Year - Samhain, Yule, Imbolc, and Ostara (hc) - Tonia Bennington Osborn

Rupert learns more in this second book about making magick, includingthe meaning of symbols, some th..

$23.01 US

Sacred Earth Sacred Soul - John Philip Newell

A leading spiritual teacher reveals how Celtic spirituality—listening to the sacred around us an..

$26.59 US

Sacred Geometry of the Earth (tp) - Mark Vidler

Identifies the patterns of our planet's design within the natural landscape- Explains the geometry i..

$18.22 US

Sacred Herbs of Samhain - Ellen Evert Hopman

A practical guide to using the sacred herbs of Samhain for healing, divination, purification, prot..

$19.04 US

Sacred Housekeeping - Harriet Rosetto

An honest autobiography of a courageous woman and social worker, who took an interest in the unpopul..

$20.24 US

Sacred Space - D Linn

"Our homes are mirrors of ourselves. Through them we can interface with the universe."Everything in ..

$18.26 US

Scent of Lemon & Rosemary - Raechel Henderson

The Scent of Lemon & Rosemary is a fabulous book of magical spells, crafts, and recipes for your..

$19.84 US

Sea Magic - Sandra Kynes

The sea has long been celebrated for its beauty and mysterious power, and Sea Magic takes you on a u..

$19.04 US

Secret DVD

The Secret is released to the world! This groundbreaking feature length movie reveals the great myst..

$11.11 US

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