Hearth Witch's Garden Herbal - Anna Franklin

Hearth Witchs Garden Herbal - Anna Franklin
You already have an herbal pharmacy just waiting to be found it's right in your garden. This book teaches you how to use a wide variety of common plants to improve your health, treat common ailments, make personal care products, and develop your magical practice. Anna Franklin provides comprehensive profiles for nearly thirty plants, such as begonia, sunflower, dandelion, and clover. She shares each one's culinary, medicinal, and cosmetic uses as well as magical virtues, correspondences, and recipes. This practical guide also offers deep insights on seasonal garden rituals, fairy flowers and trees, weather lore, garden spirits and familiars, harvesting and storing, and more. From tinctures and syrups to creams, bath salts, and jellies, this book has a wealth of options to improve your health and spirituality.

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