Fiber Magick - Opal Luna

Fiber Magick - Opal Luna
Spark your imagination and bring crafting into your Witchcraft with this fun and accessible guide to the magickal power of crochet, knotwork, and needlework. Witch and crochet expert Opal Luna shows you how to move magical intention from your mind into your hands through practical exercises, creative techniques, and more than 60 craft projects. Fiber Magick provides many ways to enhance your magick through fiber arts. Discover the tools of the trade, the power of color, and a variety of weaving, braiding, and knotting methods. Learn how to use sigils, deities, and correspondences in your practice. Explore how fiber magick can be woven in your holiday celebrations and rites of passage. From healing and protection magick to making poppets, this remarkable book offers everything you need to reach your goals.

Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide, LTD.

ISBN-10: 9780738765426

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