Celtic Book of the Dead - Caitlyn - Mayer Matthews

Celtic Book of the Dead - Caitlyn - Mayer Matthews

Your Voyage Awaits...

Obstacles and Trials: The Celtic Voyage Tradition

The tradition of the "immrama", a class of tale, always tells of a voyage in which the hero passes into the Otherworld, visiting sequential islands where he is tested by ordeals and trials. With her own translated version, Matthews takes the reader on an odyssey through the oracle. Each card is assigned a location visited by Maelduin and can be used for Divination, Meditation, Journeying, or Soul-Leading.

The Cards and How to Read Them

Each of the 33 Immran Cards include a background, divinatory keyword, and challenge to help you come alive again.

There are also two Guide Cards to show the reader the Otherwordly wonders, and

Seven Gift Cards, each representing an empowering gift from the Otherworld, which can be read as an encouragement or blessing.


The Celtic Book of the Dead, staying true to its name, is also a text to help aid those preparing for a different mode of existence. The book includes a section on "Midwifing the Soul", which includes: guided card readings for those working through grief and end of life, songs, poetry, Gaelic ritual, and more.

 Paperback ‏ : ‎ 144 pages

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