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Self-Care & Self-Help

A selection of books on health, wellness, grief and loss, and other topics.

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7 Day Chakras - Shai Tubali

This innovative book presents the ultimate seven chakra system an easy-to-use, step-by-step practice..

$18.29 US

Be More Unicorn: How to Find Your Inner Sparkle - Joanna Gray

Unicorns are rare, wonderful, shimmery creatures. A mascot for the millennials and a symbol of mag..

$14.48 US

Be That Unicorn - Jenny Black

Be the Best Version of YourselfBeing a unicorn means being the magnetic person that everyone in th..

$19.02 US

Breathe Mindfulness Journal

Breathe magazine taps into its core message of mindfulness with a beautiful body-and-soul guide to a..

$17.50 US

Breathe Self-Care Journal

In search of balance and self-care? This guided journal from Breathe magazine will help you take the..

$17.50 US

Chakra Rituals - Cristi Christensen

Cristi Christensen's Chakra Rituals is a book that makes the ancient science of Chakras accessible..

$29.35 US

Chakras Handbook - Athena Perrakis

Tap into the nine major chakras that affect your power, health, and well-being. A condensed version ..

$19.81 US

Everyday Offerings of Love - Lea Redmond

Open this unique book and find 75 offerings of love. Shaped like an open hand, each spread holds a..

$16.39 US

From Grief to Healing - Amanda Mackenzie

This beautifully designed hardcover book is a guide to working through grief and healing in mind, bo..

$20.58 US

Grief Is Love - JJ Flowers

“The beginning of grief is overwhelming. Everything must stop as you attempt to absorb what has..

$16.01 US

Heal Your Ancestors to Heal Your Life - Shelley A. Kaehr

Your family's past may be the key to healing in the present. This groundbreaking book explores the h..

$19.05 US

Healing Grief - James Van Praagh

James Van Praagh's first two books, both New York Times bestsellers, have been a powerful healing ..

$12.96 US

Healing Home - Mercree Amy Leigh

A room-by-room approach to increasing the positive vibes in your home - creativity, energy, inspirat..

$25.15 US

It's Your Weirdness that Makes You Wonderful - Kate Allan

A Lesson in Self-Acceptance from Affirming AnimalsFrom the author of the bestselling book, You Can D..

$19.02 US

Last Ecstasy of Life - Phyllida Anam-Aire

A guide to the sacred stages of the death and dying process viewed through the eyes of a Celtic anam..

$14.48 US

Little Bit of Meditation Guided Journal

A beautiful gifty journal based on the book from the bestselling LITTLE BIT OF series!Meditation is ..

$13.34 US

Little Bit of Mindfulness Guided Journal

A beautiful gifty journal based on the book from the bestselling LITTLE BIT OF series!Mindfulness ca..

$13.34 US

Little Book of Energy Medicine - Donna Eden

The Little Book of Energy Medicine is a simple, easy-to-use "pocket guide" to one of the most powerf..

$16.77 US

Little Book of Inner Peace: Simple practices for less angst, more calm - Ashley Davis Bush

This stunning, color-illustrated guide includes practices to help you let go of everyday stresses an..

$6.85 US

Little Pocket Book of Happiness (tp) - Lois Blyth

Happiness is like the answer to a riddle.The more we want it and the more we seek it, the more elusi..

$15.21 US

Little Pocket Book of Kindness (tp) - Lois Blyth

Become your kindest self and learn how to enrich the lives of those around you with The Little Pocke..

$15.21 US

Mastery of Love - M Ruiz

In The Mastery of Love, don Miguel Ruiz illuminates the fear-based beliefs and assumptions that unde..

$15.97 US

Meditation Journal

This guided journal provides a space for you to mindfully record and reflect on your daily meditati..

$17.53 US

Midnight Meditations for Moms - Miranda Hersey

Whatever keeps you from sleeping―from a crying newborn to a past-curfew teen, you’re not alone ..

$18.68 US

Mind-Body Peace Journal

This 366-day journal, filled with inspiring quotes, tips, and prompts, will help you achieve deeper ..

$17.50 US

Mindful Thoughts for Fathers - Ady Griffiths

Mindful Thoughts for Fathers is a lovingly crafted and beautifully illustrated book of reflections t..

$9.90 US

Mindfulness & Grief - Heather Stang

Experiencing grief and loss is one of life's greatest challenges. Mindfulness & Grief is your se..

$15.21 US

Mindfulness - Lani Muelrath

Mindfulness means being consciously present and aware, in the specific moment and in your life in ge..

$22.10 US

Only Little Prayer You Need - Debra Engle

These six words "please heal my fear-based thoughts" change lives. In this brief and inspiring book,..

$15.97 US

Pocketful of Miracles - J Borysenko

From the New York Times bestselling author of Minding the Body, Mending the Mind comes a powerful co..

$15.25 US

Positivity Kit: Instant Happiness on Every Page NR - Lisa Currie

Brimming with engaging prompts that focus on the good things in life, this interactive book is guara..

$15.25 US

Practical Happiness - Kim Davies

Simple techniques for bringing positivity, joy and balance into everyday lifeEveryone wants to be ha..

$15.25 US

Prayer for World Peace - Jane Goodall

A universal message of hope and serenity among all of Earth's inhabitants Jane Goodall is a ..

$13.72 US

Prayers for Healing - Maggie Oman Shannon

Daily Meditations and Prayers from Around the World ". . . I hope that people of all faiths as wel..

$21.31 US

Resiliency Journal

With 366 days of guidance, inspiration and positivity, this 5-minutes-a-day journal is the perfect t..

$17.50 US

Sacred Housekeeping - Harriet Rosetto

An honest autobiography of a courageous woman and social worker, who took an interest in the unpopul..

$19.44 US

Saying Goodbye to Your Angel Animals - A Anderson

In this thoughtful book, two longtime animal lovers walk readers through the pain and sorrow of pet ..

$17.15 US

Secret DVD

The Secret is released to the world! This groundbreaking feature length movie reveals the great myst..

$10.67 US

Self - Care for Every Day - Summersdale

Filled with inspiring quotes and simple tips, this pocket-sized book is a guide to self-care, which ..

$9.14 US

Self - Love Potions

This is a beautiful book filled with stunning illustrations, rituals and potions to help you boost w..

$19.06 US

Small Book of Comfort - Lyn Willmott

Having suffered the dark weight of depression for most of her life, the author decided to write a co..

$12.92 US

Staying Healthy with Nutrition - E Haas

Preventive Medical Center of Marin, San Rafael, CA. Textbook presents current health and nutrition ..

$36.59 US

The Secret Country of Yourself - Jenya T. Beachy

The secret country of yourself is your unique inner cosmos, the place you visit in your dreams and f..

$21.34 US

Tiny Buddha's Gratitude Journal

From the author of Tiny Buddha's 365 Tiny Love Challenges and founder of the popular online communit..

$20.58 US

Tiny Buddha's Guide to Loving Yourself - Lori Deschene

Learn to Love YourselfFrom Stress to Happiness. Many of us know intellectually that we need to be ..

$21.31 US

Tiny Buddha's Worry Journal - Lori Deschene

A beautifully designed, inviting interactive journal to help you destress, reduce anxiety, and fin..

$20.58 US

Ultimate Guide to Chakras - Athena Perrakis

Each chapter of The Ultimate Guide to Chakras includes magical exercises for accessing the energy of..

$26.68 US

Unicorn Your Life - Mary Flannery

It's the little things we do for ourselves that make our day brighter . . . just like a unicorn's ho..

$16.73 US

Wellness Witch - Nikki Van De Car

Wellness Witch adds magic to your self-care practice, with sacred rituals, crystal spreads, arom..

$17.54 US

Witch's Guide to Wellness - Krystle L Jordan

Explore natural healing, tune into your body’s needs, and use magic to create a joyful, healthy ..

$19.05 US

You Are the Magic You Seek - Journal

This beautiful self-reflection companion is the gift of accessing inner wisdom and tuning into p..

$18.26 US

You Can Do All Things - Kate Allan

Mindfulness, drawings and meditationsFans of Furiously Happy by Jenny Lawson, Hyperbole and a Half b..

$25.15 US

Always Be Yourself, Unless You Can Be A Unicorn

You should always stay true to yourself and be exactly who you are—unless of course you have the opp..

$15.21 US

Pagan Portals - Meditation

An introduction to the beautiful world of meditation... This book will take you on a journey givin..

$10.64 US

Pagan Portals - Spirituality Without Structure

Many people crave a spiritual life without wanting to belong to rigid religions with the almost un..

$10.64 US

Posi Vibes Pyramid

ThePosi Vibes Pyramid is for collecting positive energy. Simply jot down a wish, a bright spot fro..

$19.02 US