You Deserve Nice Things - Kate Allan

You Deserve Nice Things - Kate Allan

Kate Allan, author and creator of @TheLatestKate, is offering readers another feast of visual treats with You Deserve Nice Things . A follow-up to You Can Do All Things, this gently supportive and encouraging coloring book argues against negativity that can come from low self-esteem and helps you on your journey toward anxiety management and mindfulness.

FindYour Daily Peace and Relax Your Mind With TheLatestKate's Art TherapyActivitiesA gently supportive andencouraging coloring book by Kate Allan, creator of TheLatestKate and author of You Can Do All Things, perfect for those dealing withanxiety.
Soothing art therapy from anempathetic source. In You Deserve Nice Things,Kate draws strengths from her own struggles with depression and anxiety. Eachdesign gently argues against negativity that can come from low self-esteem andhelps you on your journey towards managinganxiety.
Experience real anxiety reliefthrough art therapy activities. Each page of the YouDeserve Nice Things coloring book offers a supportive animal friendwith a message of comfort, understanding, and mindfulness. Find inner peace andtranquility while coloring these uplifting, cuteanimals.
Inside, you'llfind:
• 96 coloring pages, full ofinclusive illustrations suitable for all ages and skilllevels.
• A collection of fun and sweet drawings that sparklewith comfort and provide anxietyrelief
• Stress-relieving art therapy activitiesthat will help you find relaxation from the daily grind oflife

If you enjoyed coloringbooks that help with managing anxiety like 100 Flowers, Mindfulness Coloring Book, or Plants and FlowersColoring Book, you'll love You Deserve NiceThings . Check out Kate Allan's affirmation books You CanDo All Things, You're Strong, Smart and You've GotThis and It's Your Weirdness that Makes YouWonderful, as well as her Thera-Pets carddeck!

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