7 Day Chakras - Shai Tubali

7 Day Chakras - Shai Tubali
This innovative book presents the ultimate seven chakra system an easy-to-use, step-by-step practice that shows you how to integrate energy work into your daily lifestyle. Assigning one chakra to each day of the week, 7 Day Chakras makes it simple to focus your intentions, awaken your energy centers, and achieve your goals. Join Shai Tubali on a rich, multicolored journey into the wisdom of the chakras. This path focuses on them separately and together, improving their radiance and flow. Providing meditations, insights, affirmations, and visualizations, Shai helps you fully awaken your body, mind, and spirit every week. You'll learn to heal yourself, pay better attention to neglected areas, and create a sacred and fulfilling life.

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