The Five-Card Pentagram Tarot - Marv Machura

The Five-Card Pentagram Tarot - Marv Machura

Discover your future with the help of this guide to the Five-Card Pentagram Tarot Card Layout. Find timely advice for your path forward for your spirit, energy, emotions, mind, and wealth. This guidebook teaches you how to complete the five-card pentagram layout: this Tarot card layout speaks to your present and near future by drawing one card from each part of the Tarot deck. With this guidebook, you will get a focused and purposeful reading of each card that you draw and arrange in the classic pentacle shape. Find out and understand what the Universe has in store for your spiritual journey (Trumps), your health and energy (Wands), your emotions and relationships (Cups), your mind and intellect (Swords), and your money and possessions (Pentacles). This guidebook also teaches you how to engage with the cards and the metaphysical magic and energy that is at the heart of all Tarot card divination and fortune telling. This book will help you in all aspects of your life as you travel forward, making the most of each moment, and realizing your potential, purpose, and direction.

NOTE: This gently used copy has a slight blemish on the front cover but is in otherwise great condition. Reg. retail price $28.90

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