The Energy Of Life - Book 7 - Ringing Cedars - Megre (gently loved)

-30% The Energy Of Life - Book 7 - Ringing Cedars - Megre (gently loved)

This book is hardly used, in fact - it appears to have never been cracked open to read. Regularly retailed at $25 Cad., or more. These books are becoming hardly to locate.

Condition: Slight crease-blemishes on back cover, upper corner. Nothing really that noticeable.

This is book 7 in the much loved Ringing Cedars series. If you're interested in the entire book series, please let us know and we can try to source the rest (can't guarantee, as it's not always easy to come by).  

Book 7 of the Ringing Cedars series re-asserts the power of human thought in our lives, in the destiny of planet Earth and in the Universe, and presents ways to consciously control and build up the power of our creative thought. The book sheds further light on humanity s forgotten history, religion, the roots of inter-racial and inter-religious conflict, ideal nutrition, and how a new way of thinking and a lifestyle in true harmony with Nature can lead to happiness and solve our personal and societal problems. Now re-issued with new cover art.

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