Faerie - Jody Bergsma

Faerie, Bergsma

In Nagala, Land of faeries and elves, relentless storms and untold menaces threaten to destroy their world. In desperation, Rhiannon, Queen of the Faeries, sends her unicorn, Skyla, and three rainbow faeries to the neighboring land of Lugin to investigate. Their journey is fraught with difficulties, not the least of which is losing their power to fly! When they reach the border of Lugin, the faeries meet Kevin, the Little Wizard, who is on a mission for the Queen of Lugin. After combining forces, they uncover a goblin scheme that can be thwarted only by melting the stone cold heart of the Goblin Queen.

About the Author
Jody began her artistic career at the age of three when her mother suggested that she draw her nightmares. She soon discovered that monsters drawn draw with pink and green crayon were not so scary. By her mid-teens, Jody had begun selling her fanciful works of art to an appreciative public.

Now, three decades later, she is one of the most successful artists on the West Coast. Between frequent national tours, Jody lives with her husband and two children near Bellingham, Washington. Named the cityÂ’s outstanding businessperson in 1995, JodyÂ’s highly successful Bergsma Gallery is a landmark in Bellingham.

Ages 4+ 

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