The Dragon Prophecy: The Quest for the Keeper - Rebecca Hardy

The Dragon Prophecy: The Quest for the Keeper - Rebecca Hardy

Ryyven was a kingdom rich in magic and the sister realm of Dragon City. But greed and corruption turned the kingdom to darkness. As punishment and protection, the Dragon Gods took their magic from them. They created a prophecy promising a day magic would return. But even the dragons couldn’t haven known what was to come. Betrayal in their own land devastated them and set Ryyven down a path to destruction.

When hundreds of years passed with no prophecy, it became a myth. Forgotten to time. Ryyven fell into the darkness again. Magic had returned. Demons and monsters created by magic emerged. The Keeper of Souls dominated Ryyven and set the kingdom ablaze.
With the help of a shape-shifting dragon, a small group of warriors fought to seek the evil that plagued their world. Unwittingly, they discovered the dark truth about the prophecy. Now they must set aside their own personal pain to battle the demon knight, and rescue Ryyven before it consumes them all.

*Book contains some adult themes.

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