How to Raise and Keep a Dragon - John Topsell

How to Raise and Keep a Dragon - John Topsell
The popular dragons from this title's first edition have just gotten bigger! With larger color illustrations and larger type on larger pages than ever, this book's brand-new edition is certain to attract that unique set of young pet owners who prefer keeping dragons to owning a puppy, kitten, or goldfish. Kids who delight in humorous flights of imagination will love this beautifully illustrated dragon owner's manual. It shows walking, flying, fire-breathing, and sea-going dragons, describing the characteristics of each and the equipment and supplies every dragon owner should have on hand. Boys and girls will learn everything they need to know about the raising process, including-- Selecting a dragon breed from among the many that are available Building the perfect enclosure Hatching a dragon's egg Feeding, grooming, training, and riding Showing a dragon in dragon show competition . . .and much, more. And kids will be both amused and delighted by the hundreds of stunning illustrations that complement the text.

Bonus Feature: Kids can decorate their bedroom or playroom wall with a dramatic 14" x 19" Dragon Poster, folded and enclosed in every copy of this book.

By: John Topsell

Publisher: Barrons Educational Series

ISBN-10: 9780764165757

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