Tara's Coloring Book: Divine Images of Tibetan Buddhism

Taras Coloring Book: Divine Images of Tibetan Buddhism

The original Buddhist coloring book.

Whether you color for relaxation, stress relief, or part of your devotional practice, enjoy exquisite line drawings of the most important figures in the Tibetan Buddhist pantheon Shakyamuni Buddha, Chenrezig, Tara, Manjushri, and more, by contemporary masters of the ancient art of Tibetan Buddhist religious painting.

Visualizing buddhas and teachers in specific detail is a traditional part of meditation. Therefore, the monks who created the beautiful, rich images that meditators would use in their practice would have to study for years to learn the precise techniques, geometry, and coloration required, handed down to them by old masters. Now, these images are available for you to color, whether for formal meditation or stress relief or just to appreciate their beauty.

Publisher: Wisdom Publications

ISBN-10: 9781614294160

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