Blue Kyanite Pendant

Blue Kyanite Pendant

A unique piece of Blue Kyanite in natural form with electroplated silver bale setting to magnify the natural beauty of this creativity and cleansing stone.

Blue Kyanite is striated with a pearlized appearance. This brittle and fibrous mineral, aluminum silicate, is found in garnet and mica deposits. It is used in the manufacture of porcelain and as an electrical insulator.

As a healing stone, Kyanite never needs cleansing because it never accumulates or retains negative energy. It is also excellent for opening and aligning all chakras. It is believed to enhance both creative expression and aid in the development of truth and loyalty by bringing in divine essence.

Approx. 40 - 50 mm width.  Electroplated silver setting.

NOTE: Every pendant will vary slightly in shape. 

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