Blue Kyanite Cluster ~ Truth, Higher-Self, Sacred Center, Extra Large

Blue Kyanite Cluster ~ Truth, Higher-Self, Sacred Center

Blue Kyanite brings overall cellular alignment and balance, and draws you inward toward your core. It strengthens your will and vision so you move in concert with the highest good. It’s the stone of finding your sacred center. It is the only stone known to instantly and evenly align all 7 chakra points, and this brings you into fully centered presence. Wear it, hold it in meditation work, place it on any chakra during energy healing, especially your throat to enhance communication and to help you speak your truth. 

These clusters are each very unique in shape.  We have various size options, please choose what size resonates with you.  All pieces are equally gorgeous.  We only ship the best, shop with confidence. 

Extra Large: 7" +

**Some pieces are wider than they are long**

**Sizes are approximate**

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