Black Amber, Raw

Black Amber, Raw

Black Amber is stone medicine for protection. It prevents psychic attack and creates an energy shield around you that is deeply protective. If you are feeling drained and defenseless, this stone will help you feel deeply held and safe. It has been used for this purpose for thousands of years.

Hold this stone to your Root Chakra in meditation. Allow it to ground you deep into the Earth and to surround you in a shield of defense. Envision this stone as your protective cloak, your fortress, and it will do its work to hold your energy safe and sound. 

Healer’s Tip: Place the amber on top of your head, and imagine it melting and dripping down over you, creating a protective shield around your aura. Visualize the amber as sap, as it once was ages ago, coating you with its protective properties. This is a method many crystal healers use when applying amber to their healing practices. 

-Small, which is approximately 3/4". 

-Medium, which is approximately 1"

-Large, approximately 1.5" to 2" 

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