Aqua Aura Pendant

Aqua Aura Pendant

A glimmering Aqua Aura double terminated point pendant.  Aqua Aura is a clear quartz with metallic light blue tint from an infusion of gold, which amplifies the quartz. It increases the ability to send and receive energy and alter consciousness for meditation, telepathy, and healing. It also opens and clears throat energy.

Aura crystals are often carried and worn by people who are very sensitive to low vibrations, as these crystals are said to help protect the Aura, keeping your energy balanced.

Gemstone pendants emit a powerful healing energy and are cleansed regularly in our stock room along with all of our crystals, gems and jewelry.
These beautiful polished Aqua Aura pendants have silver-tone settings and will arrive on black cording in a gift pouch. They measure just shy of 1.5". We will choose one just for you, with love.

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