Amethyst is the sixth adorable issue in the Dragonling Darlings Collection by fantasy artist Jasmine Beckett-Griffith. These amazingly detailed matchbox dolls and dragonlings are only 3" high and they come with their own Matchbox Homes featuring more of Jasmine's art on the covers!

Each handcrafted fairy and dragonling doll in this collection is sculpted together in artisan resin to capture every wonderful detail, from their wide-eyed innocence and colourful streaked hair, to their dragon friend's textured scales and tiny "dragon nails." You'll love the fancy fairy wings, glittery fabrics, pearlescent finishes, silvery metallic accents, and simulated jewels – but there's more! Each fairy pair comes to you in a custom designed sliding matchbox with Jasmine's dragonling art on the cover, plus her special fairy-winged "J" logo that tells you each issue is a Jasmine Signature Edition.

Amethyst measures 3" (7.5 cm.) high.

©2010 The Ashton-Drake Galleries

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