Amber Butter Soft Perfume, Assorted

Amber Butter Soft Perfume, Assorted

Regarded as the “gold of fragrances” and traded by merchants on the Silk Road for centuries, amber has long been prized by many. Amber-butter perfume is an exotic and richly scented solid to semi-solid perfume blend that has been worn by nobles and monarchs from earliest antiquity. This exquisite indulgence is definitely worth every cent.  Just take a tiny amount and rub into wrists and other pulse points.  The scent lingers for hours and almost changes as you wear it.  Be prepared for the positive reactions that you will receive!

*Side note: This fragrance is Tara's favorite (owner of Dragon Moon). She has worn it herself for years.  It's a lovely scent for those who have allergies to most other perfumes and colognes.  It can be a unisex scent as well, so men - this is also for you!

Each pot is unique, they are all hand-carved in India.

Each pot has a varying amount of Amber butter perfume inside.  A little goes a long way!

Price is reflective of the amount of Amber butter perfume in each container, and the size of the container.

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