Cloths & Tapestries

Cloths & Tapestries

A selection of altar cloths, tapestries, curtains, meditation pillows and mats, and other items to soften up your sacred space and home.

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Pendulum Mat, Flower Of Life (Crystal Grid)

This beautiful embroidered pendulum mat is crafted of black velvet.  The "Flower of Life" comes..

$16.66 US

Pentagram Altar Cloth

Evoke the power of mind over matter with this classic altar cloth featuring a simple but stately..

$19.16 US

Purple Triple Moon Altar Cloth

Triple moon altar cloth has detailed design on colour background with a silver triple moon in th..

$7.47 US

Purple Triquetra Altar Cloth

This royal purple altar cloth depicts the Celtic Triquetra, a symbol often representing mind, body a..

$5.80 US

Purple Triquetra Altar Cloth

This purple cloth is decorated with a Triquetra at its center, bordered by Celtic knotwork. Use it t..

$9.60 US

Round Altar Cloth/Tapestry

These large altar cloths measure 60" in diameter and can be hung on the wall or placed on top of you..

$25.01 US

Round Tapestry / Altar Cloth - Elephant

These 100% cotton tapestries can be hung on a wall, or used to drape over a bed, a table or altar. T..

$26.68 US

Seed Of Life Altar Cloth

Black and gold altar cloth with a large silver Seed of Life Design in the center. Great for crystal ..

$9.98 US

Tree Of Life Ouija Altar Cloth

Ouija-Board Altar cloth, designed to aid your pendulum work, divination, and dowsing. This cloth mea..

$15.82 US

Triple Goddess Pentagram Moon Tapestry Cloth

72" x 108" Triple Goddess Tapestry. Cotton. Wonderful for hanging, spreading over a small bed, the b..

$31.69 US

Triple Moon Altar Cloth

Channel the power of the mother, maiden, and crone from the classic Neo-Pagan Triple Goddess sym..

$19.16 US

Triple Moon Altar Cloth, Satin Black

Triple moon altar cloth has both gold and silver detailed design on color background. These are exce..

$6.64 US

Unity Tree Altar Cloth

This vibrant tie dyed altar cloth can be used for your spiritual space or even as a display, altar c..

$12.48 US

Zodiac Crystal Altar Cloth

Look to the stars with this altar cloth. The zodiac star signs are laid out in a circular grid s..

$19.16 US

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