Ocean Sounds Dreamcatcher Drum

Ocean Sounds Dreamcatcher Drum

The Ocean Sound Drum recreates the soothing sounds of both rolling and crashing waves. An incredibly versatile instrument, the Ocean Sound Drum features an Acousticon shell with a clear mylar resonant drumhead and a lovely hand painted finish. It is a professional quality double-sided frame drum that can be played with hands or mallets, as well as be used as a shaker.

Ideal for recreational, educational and professional sound effect applications, this drum consists of two fixed goatskin sheets on the frame and contains beads that bounce and roll along the inside. You can create the sounds of the waves breaking, shake it like a shaker or beat it like a shaman drum.

To create the sounds of a storm, hold the drum horizontally then roll and gently tilt the drum in all directions. Try different speeds for different sounds and stop and start suddenly to create crashing sounds.  

-Approximately 12" in diameter 2.5" thick

-Hand made and painted in Indonesia

-Protect from temperature extremes

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