Altar Poster: Smudging

Altar Poster: Smudging

A great reference to keep hanging by your altar space, the Smudging Prayer poster offers you words to speak during your smudging ritual, when the sacred smoke will help carry your prayers. Featuring the beautiful words of Travis Bowman and the inspirational illustration of Eliot Alexander, the Smudging Prayer poster is a wonderful presence during your sacred works. Printed on an 8 1/2" by 11" parchment poster.

Note: having this poster in stock and available in our shop provides us the opportunity to educate people about what smudging really is. Please know that it is a closed practice belonging to First Nations peoples. We ourselves are not First Nations, but we feel the need to make the distinction between smudging and smoke cleansing. If you are smoke cleansing your home of negative energies, that is not smudging. Smudging is a sacred ceremony that is taught by the elders in the First Nations communities. There is a process involved that only they know how to do. If you're lucky enough in your lifetime, you will be shown and taught what smudging really is by your local First Nations community. But please, be mindful of using the word "smudge" when you are cleansing your sacred space. They are similar, yes - but not entirely the same thing. If you'd like to know more about traditional Indigenous cultural practices, please visit your local First Nations cultural centre. Most communities across Canada have one. We offer sage and sweetgrass in our shop, because we know that for some, even in the First Nations community, it is not always easy to obtain. We purchase our sage and sweetgrass from ethical growers on private land, and companies who believe in giving back to our Indigenous peoples of Canada. Yes, people all around the world have used herbs for cleansing themselves spiritually and physically, since time immemorial. But please be mindful about where your herbals come from, and use them with respect for all. We do also honour the First Nations custom of bartering for these herbs. If you'd like to trade handicrafts or other items, we're open to the trade of items for the herbs, so that no money is exchanged. We do have to charge for the herbs, normally, as it would be very costly for us to give it away for free. We hope that is understandable. We do keep our herb prices at almost cost, so that more people are able to obtain them.

Blessed Be )O(

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