Beautiful polished Trolleite with it's soft blue color and nurturing energy, carefully polished by h..
$9.11 US
What the World needs now, is LOVE.  These hearts emit a powerful healing energy and are clean..
$9.11 US
This unique wooden holder is shaped like an eye, hand painted with vibrant blue. It has a small hole..
$11.40 US
Green Onyx carries with it the primary properties of all forms of which are known for strength, will..
$14.45 US
These unique chain net necklaces hold your favorite crystals. Just push the bead up and slide your c..
$22.84 US
Teardrops carry great meaning for many, whether for blissful happiness, a sad memory, or in remem..
$6.82 US
Beautiful shimmering crescent moon crafted of a heat-treated Amethyst with pure silver Aura bond c..
$20.55 US
Totally unaltered, natural Marcasite slices. According to many beliefs, marcasite is a talisman asso..
$5.30 US
Celtic Pentacle T-Shirt, Small -25%
Pentacle Knot - unisex T-shirt Featuring Original Celtic Art by Jen Delyth © - INDIGO BLUE Unisex..
$22.84 US $17.13 US
Gemscent Oil: Carnelian -40%
Formulated to enhance creativity and intimacy.Contains real Carnelian stones. 1/2 oz bottle with dro..
$8.20 US $4.92 US
Heart Chakra Herbal Tea -40%
Flavor Profile: Let this softly floral green tea open your heart, so that your emotions flow unhinde..
$11.82 US $7.09 US
Goddess Bracelet -40%
Striking cuff bracelets inscribed with messages of inspiration inside.Bracelets measure ½” wide.&nbs..
$12.58 US $7.55 US
Faceted Quartz Wrap Pendant -30%
This unique sterling silver pendant features a faceted Quartz crystal set within a sterling silver s..
$44.19 US $30.93 US
Diety Oil Blend: Greenman -40%
Greenman Oil, featuring Cinnamon Bark with earthy and spicy top notes in a base of Musk, is formulat..
$8.20 US $4.92 US
Amethyst Point Pendant, Sterling -30%
This is a GRADE A quality Amethyst gem point set in sterling silver.Amethyst is a gem for meditation..
$32.75 US $22.92 US
Green Man & Lapis Pendant -30%
A truly unique Green Man pendant featuring .925 setting and natural Lapis Lazuli stone.Lapis encoura..
$38.09 US $26.66 US