These beautiful highly polished crystal slices can be used as holding crystals for meditation, for..
$12.95 CAD
"A necessary addition to any collection on magic and witchcraft." — Publisher's Weekly From th..
$28.00 CAD
A centuries-old playing card system commonly used for divination, self-exploration, and to shed ligh..
$32.95 CAD
Infuse your magic with chance with this set of witchy wooden dice!Four wooden illustrated dice:&nbs..
$18.50 CAD
New! Mini chime candles in a 20 pack, scented with Sandalwood oil for an earthy, grounding fragrance..
$11.50 CAD
True to the name, the deep purple color of these specimens is majestic. This druzy quartz has been t..
$51.95 CAD
What the World needs now, is LOVE.  These hearts emit a powerful healing energy and are clean..
$11.95 CAD
Grass Jasper encourages feelings of calm & reassurance. It steadies and balances emotional highs..
$48.95 CAD
Dog Grass Herb, 1 oz -15%
Used as incense in medieval Northern Europe, Dog Grass Root has also been used to treat the pain of ..
$4.50 CAD $3.83 CAD
Anise Star, 1 oz -15%
Anise Stars are unique little pretties, but don’t under estimate their magickal powers. This powerf..
$7.50 CAD $6.38 CAD
Cinnamon Powder, 1oz -15%
Cinnamon or what is known as Cinnamomum Cassia originating in Indonesia. Created from the dried inne..
$3.50 CAD $2.98 CAD
Calamus Herb, 1 oz -15%
Wildcrafted Calamus Root also known as Acorus Calamus originating United States. History of uses f..
$5.50 CAD $4.68 CAD
Bay Leaves, 1 oz -15%
Bay leaves are the laurels of myth and legend worn by Roman and Greek victors, and are said to be us..
$3.50 CAD $2.98 CAD
Anointing Oil: Meditation -20%
These magickal oils may provide many different results in various areas in your life when used with ..
$3.95 CAD $3.16 CAD
Essential Oil Beginner Set - Great Value! -15%
This beautiful pack of essential oils features 6 - 20 ml bottles of pure, therapeutic grade essentia..
$44.95 CAD $38.21 CAD
Bayberry Bark, 1 oz -15%
Bayberry Bark also known as Myrica Cerifera, from an evergreen shrub in North America. Numerous pr..
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