Add a subtle touch of magick to your altar and decor with this hand made wooden Triple Moon standing..
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The inside of these dyed agate geode specimens from Morocco are covered with beautiful tiny, natur..
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Beautiful shimmering crescent moon crafted of a heat-treated Amethyst with pure silver Aura bond c..
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Teardrops carry great meaning for many, whether for blissful happiness, a sad memory, or in remem..
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Pyrite is the mineral we’ve all come to know as “Fools Gold”. Its metallic brassy yellow shine is th..
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A beautiful shimmering crescent moon crafted of a heat-treated Amethyst with Titianium Aura bond col..
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Beautiful polished Trolleite with it's soft blue color and nurturing energy, carefully polished by h..
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New! This black cast iron incense burner with pentacle lid is the perfect spiritual tool for your ..
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Third Eye Chakra Herbal Tea -40%
Flavor Profile: Let the soft tones of lavender and anise gently open your third eye, so that you may..
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Sacral Chakra (Navel) Herbal Tea -50%
Flavor Profile: Stirr up the energies of your navel (sacral) chakra with this warm cup of orange and..
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Solar Plexus Herbal Tea -50%
Flavor Profile: Stoke the flame of your solar plexus chakra with this spicy blend that will help emp..
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Fairytale Herbal Tea -40%
Flavor Profile: A floral tisane inspired by ancient tales. Do the Fair Folk mean you blessings or mi..
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Mabon Herbal Tea -50%
Flavor Profile: Balance and harvest the energies of the autumnal equinox with this apple and pumpkin..
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Imbolc Herbal Tea -50%
Flavor Profile: Awaken the fires of your creativity, with this spicy floral cup.Ingredients: Black t..
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2024 Moonology Daily Calendar -75%
Unlock the magical powers of the Moon to manifest an incredible life, with daily affirmations and in..
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Modern-Day Witch 2024 Wheel of the Year 17-Month Planner -75%
Make the most of your magickal year by chronicling it with this indispensable 2024 planner filled wi..
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