A beautiful jute tote bag with woven fabric. 17 x 15 x 4.5 inchesComfortable rope handle. Image on b..
$11.68 US
This Tree of Life, cast from genuine .925 sterling silver, showcases a magnificent and skillfully cu..
$17.15 US
Drawing on the full-color watercolor illustrations of Practical Magic, this charming set of 3 blank ..
$13.24 US
Wiccans, high magicians, and sorcerers of all kinds will find a wealth of inspiration in this magic-..
$25.74 US
Evoking forest scenes, insects, and fairies, this gorgeous deck taps into the primal power of Mother..
$25.74 US
As a winged serpent, dragons unite earthly powers with celestial forces, guarding the gates to the n..
$15.59 US
Cauldrons in Celtic mythology are symbols of abundance, inspiration, and divine knowledge, as well a..
$15.59 US
Ravens are a bad omen to some, but a symbol of wisdom and craftiness to others. Odin's companions, t..
$21.84 US
Winter Solstice (Yule) Incense Sticks -25%
Celebrate the Winter Solstice (Yule) and Christmas with this lovely scented incense.  Perfect for th..
$4.30 US $3.22 US
Poe's Raven T-Shirt -20%
Edgar Allan Poe's seminal creation alights upon the skull of his poetic father. The master of the ma..
$33.55 US $26.84 US
Old Magic of Christmas - Linda Raedisch -20%
Not so very long ago, Yuletide was as much a chilling season of ghosts and witches as it was a festi..
$15.23 US $12.19 US
VibesUp - Peppermint Oil -50%
VibesUp Peppermint Oil - REFRESHING - UPLIFTINGClarity in a Bottle. An oil for clarity, health and s..
$32.77 US $16.39 US
Ruah Vered Pentagram Rose T-Shirt -20%
The spirit and the 'Breath of Life', entwined with the romantic and sensual rose of faithful love.Th..
$33.55 US $26.84 US
Red Dragon T-Shirt -20%
Red Dragon - Ddraig Goch - Cream Colored T-Shirt - UnisexTranslation: "The Spirit Of The Celts Is Et..
$23.40 US $18.72 US
Notebook Key Chain - Triquetra -25%
This small little keychain notebook is a practical and functional tool on the go. Use to record id..
$9.34 US $7.00 US
Chakra Keychain, Select Symbol -25%
These beautiful engraved stone keychains feature the Chakra symbols and make lovely gifts.  Eac..
$5.43 US $4.07 US

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