This beautiful Quartz Crystal gemstone tree stands with an Orgonite base. Orgonite is resin with enc..
$30.62 US
A great way to add the mystical and healing energy of Amethyst to your Green Moss Agate: Enhances co..
$15.29 US
The Ancestral Path Tarot by Julie Cuccia-Watts threads together the diverse beliefs of various cultu..
$24.49 US
10 ml Clear Plastic Rollerball Bottle with White Cap is an elegant roller ball container, perfect fo..
$0.57 US
These beautiful glass roller bottles make excellent vessels for your handmade oil blends and fragran..
$0.73 US
Aqua Aura Quartz is the end result of a process which uses intense heat to infuse 24 karat gold vapo..
$25.25 US
8 oz clear oval spray bottle with mister.These wonderful spray bottles are a professional and stylis..
$1.15 US
Amethyst is always a crowd favorite, but these Uruguayan Amethyst Stalactites are even more spectacu..
$15.29 US
Amethyst Healer Pendant -15%
Amethyst: Meditation, dream recall, dispels nightmares and helps with insomnia, aides in magick ..
$29.09 US $24.72 US
Celtic Tree Ring -40%
This tree lives in the center of Annwn and is the first Tree of Creation. The ancient Bards called i..
$42.12 US $25.27 US
Danu Goddess Celtic Pendant -40%
What a unique design!  If you look closely at this piece, you'll see two Goddess forms on eithe..
$16.48 US $9.89 US
Celestial Tree Pendant, Sterling -40%
A beautiful tree with many leaves that outstretch and reveal a shining sun and moon within it's bran..
$17.59 US $10.55 US
Amber Crescent Moon Pendant -40%
This whimsical crescent moon pendant is cast in sterling silver and features three genuine Baltic Am..
$42.09 US $25.26 US
4 Directions Gem Earrings -20%
Sterling silver earrings. Each gem represents one of the 4 cardinal points, and the center feat..
$52.85 US $42.28 US
2 Gem Ring - Citrine, Rose Quartz -20%
A beautiful combination.  Sterling silver, faceted Citrine and Rose Quartz. Note: This is ..
$52.85 US $42.28 US
Celtic Cross Amulet -40%
Derived from a unification of Christian and Pagan symbolism, this cross is worn for Good Health, Cou..
$21.42 US $12.85 US

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