Light candle to cleanse your home of negative energy, when people in the home are arguing, or when t..
$7.85 US
If you or someone you love collect ancient Egyptian inspired art, this Goddess Bastet snow globe wil..
$18.90 US
A sunny yellow candle with a vanilla and patchouli musk.  Each votive burns for 10 hours.Happin..
$2.76 US
This necklace features a beautiful butterfly fairy with enameled wings in purple and blue tones, and..
$19.69 US
Worship yourself the witchy way - learn how to nourish your body and spirit with herbal remedies, sp..
$18.15 US
Light candle to draw in the qualities attributed to elemental water, when working with elemental bei..
$7.85 US
If you'd like to carry some dragon energy with you throughout the day, this pendant would work well...
$17.32 US
This sweet little purple dragon has just hatched and is ready to explore your home.  Crafted of..
$20.48 US
Garden Buddha Wall Hanging Tapestry -15%
Divine Art Tapestry Wall Hanging Collection Garden Buddha Wall Hanging.Designed in mind for the heal..
$49.68 US $42.23 US
Dragon Trinket Box With Red Jewels -15%
Add a touch of fantasy to your dresser-top with this beautiful dragon trinket box. Great for rings, ..
$10.22 US $8.69 US
Handmade Soy Jar Candle: Healing -15%
A beautifully made candle in a mason style jar.Scent: Cedarwood and NeroliParaben and phosphate free..
$15.75 US $13.38 US
Dragonkin Box -15%
This is a beautiful little hinged box for all your treasures.  It features the fantasy art of Anne ..
$12.59 US $10.70 US
Element Intuitive Candle - Treasure Inside! -50%
ELEMENT Intuitive Candle is for those who are sensitive to perfumes and scents.  This candle ha..
$30.78 US $15.39 US
Handmade Soy Jar Candle: Joy -15%
A beautifully made candle in a mason style jar.Scent: Pink Grapefruit and Rosemary.Paraben and phosp..
$15.75 US $13.38 US
Celtic Tree Tile Box -15%
The Celtic Tree Tile Box is a great place to store your personal accoutrements and trinkets and a fi..
$15.75 US $13.38 US
Chocolate Strawberry Intuitive Candle - Treasure Inside! -50%
16 0z 100% Soy Candle Float away on a bed of rich dark chocolate with swirls of sweet and succ..
$30.78 US $15.39 US

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