A bejeweled version of Thor's Hammer, otherwise known as Mjolnir.  This pendant has a Celtic el..
$11.70 US
This Celtic dragon pendant is truly unique and will add a touch of dragon magic to your day. Wear a ..
$17.18 US
We're so happy to finally offer a line of Zodiac charms in sterling silver, and at a great price! Th..
$10.92 US
A playful and fun unicorn pendant that will delight those who wear it, and those who gaze upon it.&n..
$10.92 US
If you or someone you love collect ancient Egyptian inspired art, this Goddess Bastet snow globe wil..
$18.75 US
Light candle to draw in the qualities attributed to elemental water, when working with elemental bei..
$7.79 US
Light candle to purify the body and spirit and be rid of negativity. Burn especially prior to ritual..
$7.79 US
Light candles for success in business, to attract customers, and increased cash flow. Made on the da..
$7.79 US
Child Sized Blue Unicorn Kigurumi Costume Pajamas -30%
Always be yourself, unless you can be a Unicorn.  Then always be a Unicorn.The Kigurumi craze s..
$28.96 US $20.27 US
Copper Bracelet: Pentacle -40%
Copper has been used for medicinal purposes for thousands of years, as recorded in some of the earli..
$17.97 US $10.78 US
Fairy Dust Mini Mason Jar Pendant -40%
The pendant of this necklace is a miniature mason jar, filled with fairy dust to create an adorabl..
$8.57 US $5.14 US
Dragon Lovers Pendant ~ For Happy Relationships -40%
With tails intertwined the male and female dragon come together to form the ideal couple, creating t..
$14.84 US $8.90 US
Celtic Tree Of Life Pendant -40%
The Tree Of Life represents the interconnectedness of all things; people, animals, plants, the eleme..
$14.05 US $8.43 US
Blue Alchemy Ink -30%
A 1 oz bottle of magical ink purpose blended for use in all of your transformative work, spells and ..
$10.92 US $7.65 US
Celtic Amber Claddagh Ring -40%
The Celtic Claddagh has long been a symbol of love in Ireland.  Here we see the traditional han..
$32.84 US $19.71 US
4 Directions Gem Ring -20%
Sterling silver, size 9 (can be sized as it's pure .925 sterling).Each gem represents one of the 4 c..
$64.16 US $51.33 US

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