Covering the basics of Celtic shamanism, with reference to traditional lore and source materials thr..
In this mixture, a pure lavender essential oil is blended with all-natural resins, aromatic herbs, a..
This captivating calendar features beautiful, historic trees from around the world along with their ..
The Tree Of Life represents the interconnectedness of all things; people, animals, plants, the eleme..
This bracelet consists black lava beads and 7 feature chakra lava beads as well as a silver plate fi..
THE WORLD IS WAITING, TRAVEL SAFE!  A beautiful handmade keychain.AMETHYST is such a Great Trav..
Make 2019 your year with Patsy's guide to the stars. Focus on health, wealth, and happiness with up-..
The Tree of Life is one of the most beloved Celtic symbols, for it represents the everlasting cycle ..
Angel Wings (hc) - Toni Carmine Salerno -10%
The angels are a bridge between the dimensions of spirit and matter. Floating between the dream worl..
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Auric Blends Roll On Fragrance: Rose -20%
Auric Blends Rose Perfume Oil combines Arabian rose blended with traditional rose for a pure aroma o..
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Chakra Resin Incense:  Ajna - Concentration, Intuition -20%
The Ajna Chakra, the sixth energetic center, is situated in the space between the eyebrows. It is hi..
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Angels - Companions in Magick - Silver RavenWolf -10%
In this treasury of practical wisdom, magickal techniques, and fascinating angel lore you'll find o..
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Arnica, Whole Flowers, 1 oz -25%
Also known as Leapards Bane or Arnica Montana, this plant which somewhat resembles a sunflower, and ..
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Aroma Veil Perfume: Spring Party -20%
This perfume has a fresh, exciting, energizing aroma with a hint of romance. Spring Party is a blen..
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Angels Among Us (hc) - A Skye -10%
The amazing appearances of shining lights, winged figures and celestial visions make this uplifting ..
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Angels 101 (Hardcover) - D. Virtue -10%
One morning she clearly saw and heard the title Angels 101, and Doreen knew that the angels wanted h..
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