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Autumn Fairy & Dragon Statue -5%

Autumn Fairy & Dragon Statue

This beautiful cold-cast-resin statue features an Autumn Fairy and her dragon companion.  Hand ..

$59.95CAD $56.95CAD

Beltane Herbal Incense & Oil Set -10%

Beltane Herbal Incense & Oil Set

Use the anointing oil to anoint the altar, candles, your body, and any symbols of the season used in..

$14.95CAD $13.46CAD

Blue Alchemy Ink -30%

Blue Alchemy Ink

A 1 oz bottle of magical ink purpose blended for use in all of your transformative work, spells and ..

$13.95CAD $9.77CAD

Celtic Goddess Danu Statue -10%

Celtic Goddess Danu Statue

Goddess of flowing rivers. Mother of the ancient Celts. Danu is thought to be the great moth..

$169.95CAD $152.96CAD

Circle Of Goddesses Candle Holder -10%

Circle Of Goddesses Candle Holder

Isis. Diana. Kali. Inanna. This image was created to honor the spirit of the popular Goddes..

$82.95CAD $74.66CAD

Circle Of Gods & Goddesses Candle Holder -10%

Circle Of Gods & Goddesses Candle Holder

Circle of Gods and Goddesses statue candle holder Wiccan Pagan Circle of Gods and Goddesses s..

$136.95CAD $123.26CAD

Decorative Gargoyle Stickers -30%

Decorative Gargoyle Stickers

A 36 Full-Color Pressure Senstive book of Stickers!  8.5x11in...

$6.50CAD $4.55CAD

Dog Grass Herb, Cut -10%

Dog Grass Herb, Cut

Used as incense in medieval Northern Europe, Dog Grass Root has also been used to treat the pain of ..

$3.50CAD $3.15CAD

Draconic Ritual Kit -25%

Draconic Ritual Kit

A ritual kit to help you tap into the elemental dragon forces within and without to aid you in gaini..

$34.95CAD $26.21CAD

Dragon Wisdom Pocket Talismans -10%

Dragon Wisdom Pocket Talismans

Let the dragons whisper messages to your heart. These pocket tokens carry empowering messages of int..

$6.50CAD $5.85CAD

Earth Element Candle Holder -10%

Earth Element Candle Holder

Earth Element Altar Piece votive candleholder Light a candle in the north to welcome the spi..

$39.95CAD $35.96CAD

Ebony Wood Prayer Mala -15%

Ebony Wood Prayer Mala

Ebony Wood has long been used for protection from negative energies, and here we have beautiful roun..

$13.95CAD $11.86CAD

Egyptian Scarab Earrings -40%

Egyptian Scarab Earrings

These Egyptian earrings feature the Scarab with faux amber colored jewels. These earrings are lead-f..

$10.95CAD $6.57CAD

Five Pentacle Wooden Box -14%

Five Pentacle Wooden Box

A beautiful wooden box with five carved pentacles on the hinged lid.  This would be a great box..

$28.95CAD $24.95CAD

Frankincense & Myrrh Resin - Yule, Christmas, Winter -10%

Frankincense & Myrrh Resin - Yule, Christmas, Winter

Frankincense and Myrrh have a distinguished history that dates back to ancient biblical times. They ..

$8.95CAD $8.06CAD

Goddess Bridgid Statue -10%

Goddess Bridgid Statue

Wells, springs, fire and fertility The Celtic Goddess Brigid is beloved as the muse of poet..

$188.95CAD $170.06CAD

Goddess Cerridwen Statue -10%

Goddess Cerridwen Statue

Mother of Taliesin. Cauldron of Inspiration. Great earth goddess associated with the eternal..

$188.95CAD $170.06CAD

Goddess Demeter Statue -10%

Goddess Demeter Statue

Ceres Demeter Greek Roman Mother Goddess of fertility, good fortune, and abundance is shown..

$124.95CAD $112.46CAD

Halloween Necklace -25%

Halloween Necklace

This fun and whimsical necklace has arrived just in time for Samhain, or Halloween.  2 1/2".&nb..

$18.95CAD $14.21CAD

Halloween Pillar Candle - Hekate -15%

Halloween Pillar Candle - Hekate

Hekate stands at the crossroads to open the paths between the worlds and lights the way to the f..

$22.95CAD $19.51CAD

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