Samhain & Halloween

Samhain & Halloween


Known to most as "Halloween: Samhain is the time that the veil between the world of the living and the world of the dead is the thinnest. In ancient times it was believed that this is the time that our ancestors would return to visit us, to give help and advice. People set out lights in hollowed-out turnips to guide the spirits of the dead (the fore-runners of the modern Jack-o-lanterns) and put out food as an offering (which evolved to the modern tradition of "trick-or-treating").

Samhain is also our New Year's Day. It may seem strange to have a new year begin in the Fall, when the days are growing shorter and colder. But death and birth are two sides of the same coin. It is the time of death and the time of new beginnings, when we think about hope and change and what the next year will bring.

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Black Magic Stick Incense, 20 gr

Hem is known throughout the world for producing traditional incenses made from quality woods, flower..


Black Raven Ring

The Raven – a very magical bird who is sacred to many of us who walk a spiritual path.Ravens are oft..


Black Star Gothic Pendant

A gothic pentagram pendant set in fine English pewter with an included chain.  This is a beauti..


Black Tourmaline & Moonstone Pendant

This beautiful Black Tourmaline point pendant is set in sterling silver with a genuine Rainbow Moons..


Cedar Wood Rune Set

Made from fragrant natural cedar branches with the bark still on them.  Each rune is burnt ..


Celtic Pentagram Leather Journal, Red

This magnificent oversized Book of Shadows features artwork by renowned Celtic artist Courtney Davis..


Celtic Seal Set - Lugh's Knot

Lugh's knot seal – pewter seal with Celtic Lugh’s knot design. Gives an embossed image of a Lugh’s k..


Celtic Tree Of Life Journal, Green

This unique journal has the Tree of Life on the cover with twisted trunk surrounded by Celtic design..


Cherry Quartz Skull A

Cherry "quartz" is not a quartz at all. It's a glass!  But it holds amazing properties just the..


Cherry Quartz Skull B

Cherry "quartz" is not a quartz at all. It's a glass!  But it holds amazing properties just the..


Day Of The Dead Skull Mug -20%

Day Of The Dead Skull Mug

El Dia de los Muertos (the Day of the Dead), a Mexican celebration, is a day to celebrate, remember ..

$28.50CAD $22.80CAD

Drawing Down The Moon Candle: Full Moon

A blend of jasmine and frankincense in an ivory 2" x 7 " pillar with 50 hour burn timeMagic, imagina..


Drawing Down The Moon Candle: New Moon

A blend of frankincense and myrrh in a dark midnight 2" x 7" pillar that burns for approx. 50 hours...


Elder Wood Rune Set

Made from natural elder branches with the bark still on them. Each rune is burnt with the symbols of..


Five Pentacle Wooden Box -14%

Five Pentacle Wooden Box

A beautiful wooden box with five carved pentacles on the hinged lid.  This would be a great box..

$28.95CAD $24.95CAD

Frog Totem Earrings

Adorable little frog earrings crafted of hypoallergenic white bronze with sterling silver overlay.&n..


Ghost Candle: Seance

A brilliant blue candle with a breath of lavender. 2”x4” pillar with a 40 hour burn time.Talk to the..


Green Cauldron, 3"

These adorable cauldrons are a fun twist on a traditional altar tool.  It's amazing what a bi..


Halloween Necklace -25%

Halloween Necklace

This fun and whimsical necklace has arrived just in time for Samhain, or Halloween.  2 1/2".&nb..

$18.95CAD $14.21CAD

Halloween Pillar Candle - Hekate -15%

Halloween Pillar Candle - Hekate

Hekate stands at the crossroads to open the paths between the worlds and lights the way to the f..

$22.95CAD $19.51CAD

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