Essential Oils

Essential Oils

We're a proud authorized reseller for Green Valley Aromatherapy, a Canadian company.  These oils are pure and therapeutic grade, bottled by licenced and trained Aromatherapists. 

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Essential Oil: Marjoram

General Properties of Marjoram Essential Oil (5ml bottle) analgesic anti-inflammatory ..


Essential Oil: Patchouli

General Properties Of Patchouli Essential Oil (5ml bottle) antidepressant antifungal a..


Essential Oil: Rosemary

General Properties Of Rosemary Essential Oil (5ml bottle) analgesic antiseptic antisp..


Essential Oil: Sandalwood

We only carry Australian Sandalwood, as the other variety from India is now an endangered tree.&nb..


Essential Oil: Spearmint

General Properties of Spearmint Essential Oil (5ml) antiseptic antispasmodic astringe..


Essential Oil: Vetivert

General Properties of Vetivert Essential Oil (5ml) antiseptic antispasmodic aphrodisia..


VibesUp - Lavender Mist

Lavender Mist bottle with built in self recharging gemstone "coaster"size: NOW 15mlESSENTIAL OILS ar..


VibesUp - Lavender Oil

Lavender is so calming, relaxing and meditative.  We're so glad to offer high grade PURE L..


VibesUp - Lotus Happy Mist

Lotus Happy Mist from VibesUP!Lotus is the MOST valued, precious and sacred oil in the world. Until ..


VibesUp - Lotus Oil

VibesUp - Pure Lotus Oil- 15mlEarth on the bottom- Built in Infrared Re Energizing Crystal Gemstone ..


VibesUp - Patchouli Oil

An oil for well being and grounding. By far the BEST smelling Patchouli Oil in the world! Yum! UPlif..


VibesUp - Peppermint Oil

VibesUp Peppermint Oil - REFRESHING - UPLIFTINGClarity in a Bottle. An oil for clarity, health and s..


VibesUp - Rose Mist

The BEST protection is to Raise our Vibrations.  15ml The Rose is one of the highest vibrations..


VibesUp - Rose Oil

VibesUp - Pure Rose Oil - 15mlEarth on the bottom- Built in Infrared Re Energizing Crystal Gemstone ..


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