Essential Oil Blend: 12 Steps

Essential Oil Blend: 12 Steps

You need a quiet place to meditate, and to visualize where you want to be. Use 12 Steps Essential Oil Blend in a diffuser or bring it along with you on a tissue.

Breathe in the aroma to remind you of your new direction in moments of uncertainty, or when you need to remind yourself of a favourite slogan or the support you now have around you.

12 Steps is An essential tool to assist your journey to recovery:

* Admit your addictive behavior is in control. Add drops of this blend to a tissue for inhalation or use a diffuser to help you surround yourself with the scent.

* Believe that there is a power greater than you to help give you strength. Add 10 drops of the blend to your bath, relax and breathe deeply.

* “I am strong. I am worth this effort to regain control of my life.” Repeat this mantra while in the bath or meditating in a calm setting while you diffuse this blend.

* Realize that obstacles will arise. Grab your blend, inhale straight from the bottle and repeat your mantra. Create your own ‘shrine’ of pictures, stones, and objects, to remind you of your goal. Do not be afraid to say “No” to a well-meaning offer if it is not what you need.

* Let go of the idea that you are needy and have no control and embrace the concept of your new strength. Imagine that each time you inhale the blend you also exhale (let go) all negative thoughts that you carry about yourself.

* Remember that loving has to start with you. You cannot give away what you do not have. Treat yourself gently, as you would a dear friend. Use the blend in a massage.

* Take time out each day to sit quietly, clear your mind and meditate in a peaceful setting. Diffuse the blend and make a pact with yourself to work on letting go of the past. Focus on the future and envision good things coming to you.

Contains: Bergamot, Black Pepper, Chamomile (Roman), Clary Sage and Lavender.

Always consult a healthcare practitioner prior to using essential oils.

5ml bottle.

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