Dream Catchers

Dream Catchers

Native Americans of the Great Plains believe the air is filled with both good and bad dreams.  Historically, dream catchers were hung in the tipi or lodge and near the cradle of a baby.  According to legend, the good dreams pass through the center hole to the sleeping person.  The bad dreams are trapped in the web where they perish in the light of dawn. 

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Dreamcatcher: 3D Teal

We are very impressed by the craftsmanship of this one.  This is a three dimensional design, so..


Dreamcatcher: Beaded Rainbow

This is breaktaking with so many vibrant colors of faux leather & glass beads.  Every color..


Dreamcatcher: Beaded Spiral

This beaded dreamcatcher is stunning with natural feathers and various larger beads.  Within th..


Dreamcatcher: Big Chief

Big Chief is our most popular Dreamcatcher and sells out fast.  The design is classic with five..


Dreamcatcher: Black Magic

Another gorgeous dreamcatcher offering from DragonMoon.ca.  Approximately 6.5" in diameter and ..


Dreamcatcher: Chakra Ladder

This is a magnificent dreamcatcher!  It measures 24" long and features a different colored bead..


Dreamcatcher: Divine Light

This ethereal multi-webbed dreamcatcher has been made with tightly wrapped white faux suede and fea..


Dreamcatcher: In The Clouds

This beautiful beaded dream catcher is so detailed with many small shimmering white glass beads, fea..


Dreamcatcher: Ocean Spirit

This amazing new dreamcatcher features a unique webbing design featuring seashell beads and naturall..


Dreamcatcher: Transcendence

This is a new dreamcatcher design we're sure you'll love as much as we do.  The webbing pattern..


Dreamcatcher: Turquoise Dreams

This amazing piece is new to our line of dreamcatchers.  The color alone is breathtaking, then ..


Dreamcatcher: Vortex of Light 2

This unusual dreamcatcher has been made with tightly wrapped berry red faux suede. The webs interi..


Majestic Unicorn Dreamcatcher

This lovely dream catcher features artwork by Lisa Parker, who is known worldwide ..


Chakra Dreamcatcher Hanging

This dreamcatcher style wall hanging has been woven with cotton twine that matches the seven colours..


Chakra Mobile Dream Catcher

Seven multi-colored dreamcatchers hang in ascending order on this chakra inspired mobile. Each drea..


Dream Catcher Pendant, Lg

This beautiful handmade pendant can certainly be worn as jewellery, but it also looks great hung in ..


Dreamcatcher: Chakra Star

A colorful star web, crafted from assorted beads and black thread, has been woven into the center of..


Dreamcatcher: Chakras, Black

Seven stones representing the colors of the chakras have been woven into the web of this lovely drea..


Dreamcatcher: Joy & Happiness

This large dreamcatcher has three webs in total. Each has been tightly wrapped in olive colored fau..


Dreamcatcher: Natural Rattan

This exotic dreamcatcher was inspired by the islands. Its ring is crafted from rattan and the web f..


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